No other place in Des Moines will let you experience sound systems similar to the sizes of rooms in your own home. Come in and compare all types of speakers – in-ceiling, floor standing, bookshelf, in-walls, and on-walls.

Speakers are one thing you should NOT order online!

  • Compare speakers, turntables, amplifiers, surround sound receivers, two channel receivers, tube amps, integrated amps, and more.
  • Get one on one listening time comparing speakers and equipment.
  • Sit down with a professional to go over floor plans for new builds and remodels.
  • Maximize your budget with multiple brands at all price points.
  • Feel comfortable, no pressure, as our sales representatives are not on commision.

WE CARRY: Paradigm  •  Monitor Audio  •  Crown  •  Magnepan  •  Marantz  •  Sonos  •  Nuvo  •  Parasound  •  Pro-ject  •  JBL  •  Epson  •  Sony  •  Samsung  •  LG


Audio Labs Showroom 1
Audio Labs Showroom 2
Audio Labs Showroom 3
Audio Labs Showroom 4

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