The warm weather is upon us and now it’s time to get the backyard ready for when you plan to host this spring and summer. It’s a professional outdoor audio and video installation that will make a difference.

An outdoor TV installation should not be a DIY project. There is a need to pick out the right size, type of outdoor TV (full shade, partial sun, full sun), and an outdoor mount. You’ll need to make choices with the video cables whether streaming or using cable or satellite. A professional can help narrow it all down.

The outdoor audio goes hand in hand with the video. Selecting the speaker type is based on the layout of your outdoor area. The most common type of outdoor speaker is the easy, stylish, and surprisingly affordable one that goes under the soffits of a home or commercial building. If you have a larger area to cover, speakers that are placed in the ground are the best quality of sound. Even the subwoofer is buried. Lastly, you can use hidden rock speakers and all of these have a rugged weatherproof design. When doing your research, check out Paradigm and Monitor Audio for these types of setups.

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