Recently we were asked to install a camera system that could record training sessions for a local corporate office located in Ankeny, Iowa. The goal was to distribute these recordings to other sister locations throughout the United States. The nice part was through technology, we set it up to have just one person operate the whole system – the person doing the speaking.

The largest of the three conference rooms we installed was used for training.  The camera system they requested required the following –

  1. Simple to operate
  2. Only one person (instructor) to run the system
  3. Have equipment be under a certain price point

The instructor wears a lavalier and a Roboshot camera system follows every move.  Keeping the control part of it simple, this system was built using:

  • Shure wireless microphones
  • Vaddio Roboshot camera
  • BSS processor
  • URC Total Control with a wall touch screen

We are very excited to have been part of this audio video setup.  They had 22 TV’s ranging from 43” to 85” displays along with their conference room setups.  The installation of the camera system to record their training will definitely help to educate employees at all of their locations and keep them focused on their mission.